Profiles: Hollywood Hino

Hollywood Hino at Church Street Boxing Gym on Feb. 21, 2015. Shot by Joao Gonzalez.

A wintry mix falls onto the quiet streets of the New York City’s Financial District. With the weather being the type that encourages most to bury themselves under blankets, it’s a wonder that Church Street Boxing gym is as busy as it is. The ring has two sparring boxers, both hoping not to be knocked to the mat before noon. An assumed heavyweight seemingly bench pressing two mini fridges is not too far off. Feet from there a beefy woman jumps rope as Meek Mill’s “House Party” pumps from the speakers. Saturday mornings clearly mean “Work” here.

And down a tunnel, way beyond the noise of the power lifters and punch-throwers, one man is raising his own raucous: Hino Ehikhamenor. The former cruiserweight boxer turned celebrity personal trainer is leading his training camp class. Umpteen sweaty, paying customers are either trying to make good on their New Year’s resolutions or simply just want to have their shit in order by the time Manhattan gets warm. For the latter, “Hollywood Hino”—who lists  athletes like Carmelo Anthony and pop stars like Kelly Rowland as clients—has a simple message that doubles as an urgent warning.

“27 days until spring!” he barks. Playtime’s over. Watch his video profile—shot by me—below:

For info on when and where you can find Hino for class, go to his site here or Twitter there.

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