Profiles: Naima Ramos-Chapman

Naima Ramos-Chapman In Brooklyn, NYThe courage to leave comfort and pursue a dream is not an attribute most are gifted with. Fortunately, Naima Ramos-Chapman’s got a good bit. After feeling drained by the conventional workplace environment at a Washington, D.C. think tank, she decided to jet back home to New York City in 2013 to pursue a career as an actress.

“I always stuck out pretty badly,” says Naima of her time as an employee at the Center for American Progress. It’s easy to imagine, considering she’s a slim Black and Puerto Rican mix with long curls sprouting from her 5′ 11” frame. She’s far from a stiff.

Ramos-Chapman attended the Ailey School for dance theater during her teenage years and, as she exhibits in the latest He Tells Stories profile, hasn’t at all lost her ability to become one with music.

Watch the video above to see Naima move to Nick Hakim’s “Pour Another” at LEIMAY’s CAVE studio in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. She reveals the thoughts that scared her away from her dreams, what about acting she fancies most and being harassed as a kid. Then catch her latest work as an actress, starring in director Terence Nance’s The Dig: You and I and You short film.

Naima can be found here on Twitter and there on Instagram.

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