Eternal Learner

NotepadFake it until make it or nah? Since I started this website in March and even months prior to that when I’d think about how I presented myself to you guys, I wrestled with how much of an expert I’d sell myself to be. Would I be the “Oh shucks, I’m just hoping to turn a little ol’ magazine journalist-turned-documentarian dream into a reality” guy or brazenly careen into this crowded raceway of video storytellers like I’m a 10-year vet’ in this shit (that somehow you’d never heard of? The idea’s kind of laughable in hindsight).

I picked and tried to play it somewhere in the middle—fronting like I’m an awesome documentarian for talents/companies I’d like to work with/be commissioned by whilst creating a relatable forum for folks to say, “Hey, this newbie Brad is getting better. I’m going to stick around a bit longer.” It makes no sense to be posing like I’m where I want to be when there are visual rookie mistakes in one too many of my pieces or the sound in my clips can at times be a little too damn airy/roomy because I don’t have broadcast-level microphones yet. Essentially, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m working my way towards that. That’s my story.

Big talk is easy, but as the great (I’m exaggerating) MC Breed said in ’91, “there ain’t no future in yo frontin.” And after getting feedback from a couple of friends, I think it’d be better to include you all in my journey to becoming a quality video producer/documentarian/ visual whateverist. My Voyage to Excellence, if you will. Ha!

So it’s time to share! I’m gonna be using the For Students category and tag to talk about and highlight people, tech, instructional videos, and such that help me through my growing pains and improve the pieces I’m slinging. I hope they help and inspire you like they do me. I’m an eternal learner. And I’d be a massive jerk to not pass along nuggets and gems to y’all as I study and improve.

Peace to ya. Talk soon.


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