For Students: Slow Motion

When you’re clueless and don’t know where to begin as a newbie to cameras and editing footage like I still relatively am, each skill or trick seems like it will be some arduous task to learn. Since shooting my first video, I’ve wanted to incorporate slow motion into my work. But I didn’t know how. And it seemed hard. Did I look into it? Hardly. I didn’t really need it, so I put it off until I had a shoot that I knew would benefit from it.

And that came when I knew I’d be shooting DJ Moma at his Everyday People party. Then it was time to figure that slow-mo shit out. Guys, the Internet is your friend. Take a break from goofing off (just for a bit!) and use your keyboard powers to better yourself. A buddy found a tutorial from that Creator Class that explained slow motion in a very basic way for my simple self. This helped me and so I pass it to you. Learn up, homies.

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