Miguel & My Resume

You know what’s not sexy when you’re a burgeoning anything? An empty resume.

Dialogue with a potential client:

Me: I want to do XY, then Z. I’ll need $[legit pay] for that.
Client: What experience do you have? Who are you clients?
Me: Well, uh…

[End Scene]

Sure, I have this site, which is the home for all of my video pieces, but if my goal is to work in the majors as a video/visual editor and producer, I’m going to have to show people that I’ve got some experience there. And referring them to my editorial clips as a writer and editor at magazines won’t cut it. They need to see what I’ve done as a film guy.

So I’m way appreciative of that clip up there with Miguel for TriBeCa Film. I pitched them an idea around his short Wildheart film and suggested they/we talk to him about why it was important for him to tell a story with his album cuts functioning as source material in that way. TF was into it and it eventually happened. They shot it and I interviewed and produced it.

Now I can say that TriBeca Film is a client. Yes, the same people that do the TriBeCa Film Festival. Pretty cool, right?

Bonus: This interview was about 20 minutes long, so I’m going to edit the unused footage into an inspirational piece that will come out next week. He said a load of things worth seeing and hearing. So this isn’t the last you’ll see of Miguel on HTS in the near future.

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