Jenna’s Sony Takeover

Last week I was commissioned by Sony/ATV Music Publishing to shoot Jenna Andrews. For those that don’t recall, I’ve shot her for HTS before. The difference this go-’round is that they didn’t need a full-on profile piece. Rather, they needed content for an Instagram takeover. Essentially, I hung out with her for a bit and put together several 15-second clips that helped introduce Sony/ATV followers to their new singer-songwriter.

“What’s your advice for people that want to follow your path?” “What are things that are  important to you as a writer?” Those are some of the questions we answered with the vids.

And it was a fun time. I was a fly on the wall while she wrote with other artists and even caught some of her goofier moments. Check out two of the clips. The first (up top) is the intro that went up on Monday (Feb. 1). The second is the blooper reel that closed out the series with some laughs.

All of the content was posted both on Sony/ATV and Jenna’s Instagram accounts. They’re happy costumers. It was a good gig. Mission accomplished.

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