For Students: Lights, Please


Here’s something that helped me a bunch with my Bernard Flowers piece. Sitting in the backyard of his house for the interview, the sunlight was barely good enough to get the job done. There’s a bunch of shoulda-wouldas I have about that shoot, to be honest. I should have:

  • Brought a proper light kit
  • Negotiated/Strongly encouraged/Demanded that the client pay for rental of a lighting kit on location
  • Suggest, as the director/leader of the shoot that we shoot it on the lawn where the light was directly on him
  • Scheduled the shoot so that we could maximize sunlight

Lessons learned.

Because I didn’t do those things, I had to learn a load of post-production tricks to fix the lighting and not have the interview portions of the video look like Bernard and I spoke in a dim room. This clip helped me a bunch.

Now pardon me; I’m going to look for an amazing new light kit to rock with on the road. Take care.

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