Month: July 2016

Make Air Jordans Sexy Again

On any given day, you might catch me in a pair of Air Jordans. I just bought my second pair of Flu Game XIIs. I wore black VIIs to work on Tuesday. I was wearing black VIs when my girl beat me twice at HORSE on Saturday. My shooting is currently ultra un-Mike-like, unfortunately. By […]


Wale Q&A for Fader

  Always good to connect with my guy Wale. I’m looking forward to his next album, SHINE and from what I heard in the studio with him, it should be a goodie. Wale Has Been Hated On And Idolized, And Now He Just Wants To Shine Love that Fader kept the conversational style of the […]


Alton Sterling and The Talk

Do white fathers or elders have “The Talk” with their younger ones? Not The Birds & The Bees.  The talk about how to handle yourself in a world designed to oppress you. The “You have to be twice as good as them and triply as humble” talk. The tutorial on how to act when you’re […]