Kevin Durant, The Warriors and Dialogue With a Hater

KD on PT

Kevin Durant | The Players’ Tribune


Yesterday, Kevin Durant dropped a line to the world via The Players’ Tribune and announced that he’s taking his talents to the Yay area to rock with Steph Curry and ‘em. The Warriors. The rich got richer, yeah. And that set the social media world and sports pundits on fire. So. Many. Haters.

Folks got mad at KD for taking the “coward’s” way out and signing with a team where he wouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting. They’re mad he chucked the deuces to Russell Westbrook and the two-headed monster they formed in OKC for a squad that already has a three bonafide studs in their prime.

Here’s a one-sided convo I’d like to have with anyone hating Durant’s decision:

You’re mad at KD leaving to join a team where it’d be easier to win a championship?
So you wouldn’t leave your job for another one that’d be less stressful with a better—like waaaaaayyy better—staff?
You’re mad at KD for leaving, but you geek the fuck out with comic book nerd joy whenever Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and the Avengers clique up on the big screen?
You’re mad at KD for leaving, but you loved “Mercy.” Swerve.

Sit your ass down. And let KD enjoy his damn life.

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