A Chat With Adam Levine’s Stylist, Matt Goldman


Adam Levine | Instagram


I’ve been looking to do more work with people in the fashion world because it’s something I’m actually a big fan of. I care about clothes. So much that follow several style savants on social media for inspiration, frequently check in on sites like GQ and the NY Times’ Fashion & Style section, and have apps like Look Live to show what and who noteworthy guys are wearing.

In keeping with my “Your work should reflect your interests” mindset, I’ve been pitching more fashion ideas. And one of the first to connect was when I hit Billboard about Adam Levine’s fashion sense and speaking to his stylist Matthew Goldman.

Adam Levine’s Stylist Matt Goldman on Dressing the Maroon 5 Singer & ‘Voice’ Coach

The Maroon 5 lead’s got range. Like I say in the piece, as a judge on The Voice Adam goes from being suited and booted on one day to wearing tattered jeans and tees the next. And as a performer, his band just dropped a new single, “Don’t Wanna Know” (though there aren’t any great moments in fashion in its video). With all this visibility, it’s a good time to talk to the man finding his clothes.

Give it a read. We talked about Adam sending late-night inspo texts, how he influences people to buy what he’s rocking and how he’s grown over the years.

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