An Adidas Convo with Pharrell Williams for Billboard


Pharrell Adidas.png
Pharrell at ComplexCon | photo from his Instagram


The first thing Pharrell Williams bought with his McDonalds money during his teenage years was a pair of these Adidas Instincts. I know that because we sat down last Sunday at ComplexCon’s Adidas booth to talk about the release of his forthcoming Hu Holiday line with Adidas Originals next week (Nov. 17). How times have changed, right? One day he’s mopping the floors under the golden arches and the next (like two decades later, really) Pharrell’s one of the brightest stars and designers at the place he used to save for.

Pharrell Williams’ New Hu Adidas Line: Serving Your Mind and Body While Being ‘Cool as F–k’

Pharrell x Adidas Originals’Hu NMDs


ComplexCon 2016 Concert Recaps, Nights 1 & 2

It was a fun, short chat where he explained why his Hu clothes and shoes have a galvanizing message attached to them. He’s learning to master the art of having a positive message without being corny. “It can also just look cool as fuck,” he told me of his clothes, which feature phrases like “Human Species” on them. Read the whole piece here. Looking forward to getting some Hu stuff myself.


Track Jacket from Pharrell x Adidas Originals’ Hu Holiday, out Nov. 17


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