Lenny Kravitz Does A Lot On The Side


Lenny Kravitz, wearing his LK 01 Rolex Daytona | shot by Mathieu Bitton


Lenny Kravitz has a line of door knobs. Did you know that? What about a tote bag? He’s got that, too. And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only his name behind them. The musician/actor also designed them. I mention all this because I was quite surprised to find it all out when I spoke to him earlier this week for Billboard about his endeavors outside of his Rock ‘n’ Roll smashes.

Lenny Kravitz on Design, Repurposing Rich People’s Toss-Outs & Not Being The Jerk He Plays on Fox’s Star

After telling him that my mother said hello and talking about the time she rooted for a then broken-legged Kravitz as he co-headlined a Washington D.C. gig with Aerosmith years ago (“I didn’t sit!” he recalled proudly. “I stood the whole time and finished the tour!), we spoke about Kravitz Design. That’s where he and his team work on projects like Kravitz’s collaboration with Fred Segal. Or Leica cameras. Or the cool-ass Rolex Daytona he designed with the acclaimed watch brand and released towards the end of 2016.

It was a fun convo. We talked about how he really doesn’t operate on regular people time, that day he basically wore a blanket as a scarf in NYC winters ago, and being a real designer. Give it a read.

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