Montblanc x BAPE is Coming for Your Little Ones

I think that the biggest critics of Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape’s all-over print dislike how gaudy their clothes can look with their clothing fully adorned with monkey heads. Sure, it can be a lot. Even when the hoodies were super popular with Pharrell, Jay-Z, and Kanye rocking them, they truly weren’t my speed. (To be honest, I couldn’t have afforded them back then even if they were.) I like subtle flashes of ostentatiousness. That’s why I like Montblanc and BAPE’s latest collab.

The limited edition collection dresses the German luxury house’s travel accessories in BAPE’s camo print. The products aren’t big sweatshirts, pants or hoodies. They’re wallets, pen pouches, slim document cases with storage (for laptops), and medium portfolios for smaller devices. My little tech pieces and what-nots are getting dipped in bush jungle wears. Not me, with my 6’5″ ass.

BAPE x MB Document Case

This means that I’m not screaming “BAPE!” when I come into a room. I’m just coming through with the light flex. “Oh, this? Just my lux BAPE x Montblanc laptop case. Something light. Nothing crazy.” Haha, Count me in.

The collection will be available in selected Montblanc boutiques and BAPE stores soon.

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