Chernobyl is Remarkable in Ways that Hurt

This show is a remarkable case study. To oversimplify it:

  • Nerds vs Jocks
  • What people will do to save face and their jobs.
  • When fear of embarrassment trumps the needs of a community in emergency.
  • What goes wrong when leaders are blissfully ignorant.

I’m on Ep. 2. Faces are melting. Birds are dropping. Graphite and radiation are threatening to wreak havoc for ages. And gov. officials are like, “Nah, it’s chill.” Unbelievable.

Johan Renck’s Chernobyl is giving me a feeling adjacent to what I had watching Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us on Netflix. I don’t want to say the show is “Awesome!” because this a historically bad moment with awful, negligent folk at the wheel. But these series make them teachable, which makes them invaluable.

Accountability shouldn’t be situational.

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