Spider-Man Far From Home poster

Spider-Man: Far From Home Swung into My Heart

Spider-Man: Far From Home works on many fronts. It’s a dope coming-of-age movie, with actor Tom Holland’s Peter Parker wrestling with his desire to be a normal high school kid and whether he wants to be a world-defending hero. The teenage love story with Zendaya’s M.J. is tense and sweet in that mirrors the goofy way I maneuvered through matters of the heart back then. And FFH is also a kick-ass comic book action movie, filled with international web-slinging and building-crushing fight scenes (the final battle is stunning).

16-year-old me related to Zendaya’s I like you but whatever steeze and awkward I hope you like me back cringey faces at Tim Holland’s Peter. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio might be my favorite MCU villain, equal parts charming (first half) and insane (the rest).

I figured I’d enjoy the movie. But I had no idea I’d love it like I do. Well done.

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