Blood Orange and Touring Grief: Billboard Review


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Devonte “Blood Orange” Hynes | Photo c/o Instagram



I saw what maybe was my fourth Blood Orange show a few weeks back. I love his latest album, Negro Swan. As I mention in my Billboard piece about that Friday night at The Greek Theater here in L.A., Swan is a fragile collection of sad happenings in singer-songwriter Devonte Hynes’ life.

Blood Orange’s Negro Swan Tour Brings an Outcast’s Pain to a City Near You

His concert reflected that, which made me feel for him. There’s a victory in turning tough times into income and a viable connection with countless fans and followers. But still, after three mostly somber solo offerings, I’m about ready to hear a joy-filled Blood Orange album. I guess that means he’d have to live a happy life that inspires that sort of content and sound. I wish that for him, too.

Read the piece here.

Gucci + Gia Coppolla = Great Story

This is fresh.

Gucci x Gia Coppola’s The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice Film

Publications and brands today are constantly looking for ways to create content that isn’t corny, tells a story and makes them money without feeling like blatant advertising.


Actors Lou Doillon and Marcel Castenmiller | photograph by Dan Regan for Vogue


Gucci reached out to director Gia Coppola for this 4-part short film called The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. It’s an update on the Greek myth about Orph’ (I always shorten names), who was known to charm all with his music. All the clothing featured is from Gucci designer Alessandro Michele’s 2016 Pre-Fall collection. It’s very well done and a great example of how you can tell a compelling story while selling a product (fly-ass Gucci garments in this case) and a media company (Conde Nast and their branded content army 23 Stories) can use it as respectable content they’re proud of. This is the type of thing I hope to do one day.

Also, shout out to Dev Hynes, who produced the music for Gia’s Orpheus. I’m looking forward to his forthcoming album, Freetown Sound.

Random-Ass Fun Brad Fact: When I was in the 6th grade at Martin Luther King Middle School I took Greek as a foreign language and our teacher gave us new names of gods and mythical figures. I was Spartacus.