Luka Sabbat Needs Festival Fashion Boys & Girls to Chill

Luka Sabbat Insta.png

Luka Sabbat | photo c/o LS’ Instagram


With festival season upon us, young gun model Luka Sabbat has some words to heed in regards to trying too damn hard to look good while you’re dancing in the dirt:

“But really, just wear a white tee, some jeans and a pair of sneakers that you can fuck up. You’re at a festival, not fashion week. Some people do too much and get mad when their clothes get fucked up. Nobody came out to see your outfit. We came to see the artists.”

Luka Sabbat on Walking in Yeezy Shows, John Mayer’s ‘Ill Swag’ & Coachella Style Tips

So true. There are dozens of Best Looks at Coachella lists that include both musicians and fans out there. But more times than not, when I see the fan ‘fits, some variant of what Luka says up there comes to mind. Why not just throw on some old Chucks, Levi’s, a tee, scarf, and hat (props to those who know to bring hoodie for the night chill)?

I talked to Sabbat about that and some other fun topics—walking in Kanye West’s Yeezy shows, John Mayer’s low-key style and more. Check it out.

Rainsford and I: Mullets, Music and Hopes

RAINSFORD PUB 1_ credit Frankie Marin

RAINSFORD | shot by Frankie Marin


The special thing about working with a new artist is that you’ve got the chance to introduce them to an audience they didn’t have before. When I was shot an email about Rainsford with a few links to her music, I liked enough to try to do something on her. She’s got an indie pop feel with hints of R&B.

Rainsford on Her Manifesting Pop Stardom and Fitting Fashion In, Too: New Face, Fresh Style

And because she’s big on fashion with a model and acting past, I knew she’d be a perfect fit for Billboard‘s New Face, Fresh Style section. We met up for a chat before her show at Hi Hat for a talk about everything—from growing up in North Carolina to getting a haircut she initially didn’t like two weeks ago. As shows from new acts usually are, her concert was a short 30-minute go with a solid Whitney Houston cover and a taste of her forthcoming EP. Rainsford’s got a ton of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing her progress.

Give it a look here. It’s Rainsford’s first proper music story. If she continues on her path, it probably won’t be the last.

Tommy Hilfiger, Models Joan Smalls, Hailey Baldwin & More Talk Music Backstage at L.A. Fashion Show


Gigi Hadid with Tommy Hilfiger | c/o of Tommy Hilfiger


It’s kind of crazy that I had to move from New York City to Los Angeles to attend my first proper fashion show. Tommy Hilfiger’s TommyxGigi Spring ’17 outdoor showcase at Venice Beach here in Cali’ last week was top notch—from the production to the models to the man himself.


Joan Smalls & Yasmin Wijnaldum backstage at the Tommy Hilfiger show


For Billboard, I went to the show to cover the vibe behind and in front of the curtains. Backstage, I stopped models like Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls and Sara Sampaio to talk about music and why they’re such bigs fans of Hilfiger’s (Fun fact: Joan Smalls loves 6lack’s “Free,” Baldwin’s a Rihanna stan). Apart from them, I also spoke to with Tommy and his friends Scooter Braun and Kris Jenner, who sat across from me in their front row seats.

Behind the Scenes with Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls & Kris Jenner at Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy x Gigi ‘Music Fashion Festival’


Hailey Baldwin backstage at the Tommy Hilfiger show | c/o of Tommy Hilfiger


The feel backstage was pretty chill and relaxed. If anyone was at all nervous, it was well hidden behind dances to Migos and laughter. Hilfiger handled several quickie pre-show interviews like someone confident in the product he was about to put on sale. And the show was flawless. Not one flub. Not one model trip-up. Bohemian dresses. Crop tops. Dope swimwear. All wins.

Bringing tastes of New York Fashion Week to L.A. is a trend I hope only becomes more popular among the elite couture and ready-to-wear houses. I know Vetements, Rachel Zoe and Rebecca Minkoff bounced to the West Side for their shows this year, too. Los Angeles is slowly becoming a place to be for the fashion world and as someone who won’t be leaving LaLa Land soon, I’m welcoming all fly and chic comers.

Check out my Billboard piece here.

A$AP Ferg: A Cozy Boy Hits Paris


A$AP Ferg | photo by Rayniel Polanco | c/o RCA Records


The guys in the A$AP Mob have a unique kind of charm. It’s a mix of uptown NYC street smarts and downtown cool. From their raps to their clothes, it’s easy to tell that they’re not one-dimensional artists. Regarding style, I spoke to A$AP Ferg about attending his first international fashion week. He went to Paris to support his buddy and label mate A$AP Rocky, who recently became the first African American face of Dior. They both attended Dior’s masquerade party, which he greatly enjoyed.

A$AP Ferg Explains ‘Cozy’ Culture & Kicking It with Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid

Ferg, too, has had his hands in many fashion endeavors, designing pieces for several reputable brands, cosigning labels on the come-up and, of course, wearing some other the flyest stuff out that many simply just can’t afford.

“Oh, I was very cozy at the masquerade party! I felt like Master Bruce. I transformed with that coziness.” – A$AP Ferg

For Billboard, Ferg broke down the term “Cozy,” which I was already familiar with, but had to explain for those that slept on the Mob’s Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends  2016 album and haven’t heard Rocky or Ferg’s slick talk in interviews over the last year or so.

It was really a fun conversation. I got a great understanding of who he is as a creative and a businessman who’s enjoying the ride while getting shit done. Check it out.